Who Even Am I?


My name is Allyson Manzella, but everyone just calls me Ally. I just started college at Columbia College Chicago. I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Photography. This city never fails to amaze me. I always joked around with my family when I was little that whenever it came to the city, I was just that “city girl”. With no surprise, I picked a college in a big city.



Art has always been my niche. As a child, my mom would sit with me and we would color, draw, scrapbook, pretty much any creative outlook you can think of, we did! Having such a creative influence, I started high school programmed to think creatively.

So how did I get into photography? After a summer I spent traveling Europe with my family, I started to take more and more pictures. Falling in love with taking pictures, my great uncle from North Carolina reached out to me and shared a couple of his photos. He always lived far from us, so communication was always few and far between. However, as soon as we began talking about photography, we created this pen pal relationship that lasted all the way up till the time he passed. Getting to know him, as well as all his knowledge of photography, taught me so much. My camera I use now is actually his old camera he passed down to me.



Why a blog? After contemplating for about 2 years, I finally decided to create one. Always journaling about vacations and scrapbooking countless special events, I began to think of blogging as a combination of those. If there are two things in life that I am passionate about, it is food and fashion. While fashion fills my heart and food fills my stomach, I fathom this everlasting passion for what makes me happy. Turning my passion into a lifestyle, is exactly what I thrive to do.


So welcome to Haute and Hungry!!

Stay haute,



Photos by: @w.atsername

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Well Hello! My name is Ally, the girl behind the food, fashion, and travel blog, Haute and Hungry! Based in Chicago, I navigate the city in search of tasteful fashion and even tastier food!
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