To Comment or Not to Comment?

When I first started blogging, comments were a no brainer. Having the ability to start a conversation with my community is exactly what I loved about blogging.

Recently, I read an article that detailed all about how we should blog with or without comments.

Analyzing this article , I ultimately found two main ideas. One, comments can be great. It can turn your blog into a living, breathing, platform.

When readers have the ability to comment back to my posts, it invokes a special conversation. This platform, for me, is all about creatively sharing my opinions and lifestyle through my writing. When a reader comments back to that, it really is something special.

Think of it as a phone call. You don’t call someone to just have them not listen to you on the other side (I hope lol). When someone responds to your post, they start a connection that is undeniably one of the best things about the blogging community.

The second idea from this article details all about how comments could be spam.

Let me tell you, when I first built my site, I had no idea what anything was. I knew I needed a domain and that was pretty much it. Starting with little to no knowledge was extremely difficult, but it allowed me to learn a lot about something I never knew I was going to learn a couple years ago.

One of the things I learned the hard way was spam comments. First post up, I was so excited and then BAM. Viagra, Porn sites, CBD medicine, all these spam comments were flooding my post.

In full on panic mode, I quickly had to delete them and figure out a way to prevent this.

Having the comments enabled, invites a lot of spam to your site. However, I have found a quick and easy solution to help manage the spam and keep comments open for your readers to engage with. With my WordPress account, and also probably any web hosting platform, there are plugins you can install.

One of the best plugins I found was Askimet. This platform allows you filter out millions of spam comments daily. With the help of Askimet I have made the decision to keep comments turned on. My readers’ opinions, views, and insight is what matters the most to me.

Here are some other plugins for anti-spam comments:

Anti Spam Bee
WordPress Zero Spam
Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

What are your thoughts on others allowing or not allowing comments on their blog platform? Comment below LOL!

Stay Haute,

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