TikTok It’s Time For Something New: Social Platform Shows Potential For Brand Marketing

When TikTok first was released, many were skeptical. I, still in mourning from the death of Vine (RIP), did not even want to give it a chance. As TikTok became more and more popular, I found myself just watching compilations of the worst ones on YouTube. 

Full of cowboys dancing on lunch tables and people lip-syncing to others talking, you can get lost in the dark world of TikTok…fast. Thinking this platform was only for shits and giggles, I recently had my mind changed. 
Believe it or not, there are TikTok Influencers. Much like Instagram or any other social media platform, individuals use this video sharing platform as a form of digital marketing. Creating 15 second videos and in-app editing tools, TikTok has climbed to the top of the charts currently ranking #5 in the photo and video category, trailing just behind Snapchat. 

This app is kind of ridiculous to say the least. Formally known as musical.ly, startup company, ByteDance, purchased musical.ly and rebranded it to TikTok in early 2018. TikTok has one of the most extremely younger audiences, ranging from 13-24 years old. 

Creating these digital narratives, TikTok remains one of the most unique platforms. One of the most interesting concepts is that you are not required to follow anyone. As soon as you register, content is fed your way. As more and more content is released, Influencers or ‘Musers’ (as they call them on TikTok) have emerged. 

So where does digital marketing come into play? In Instagram it is crucial to have a high number of followers and an even higher number of engagement. Usually these go hand in hand. However, since you do not have to follow someone on TikTok in order to see their content, engagement rates are skyrocketing. 

Many brands sat back and waited to see if TikTok would become established. After over a year, they remain in the top 5 and the content produced not only lives on TikTok, but is also being shared to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

In order to truly research this, I had to download the app. After much apprehension and doubt, I have to say it is not as bad as I thought. Although it is a much less mature platform, it is catered to the younger consumer, which ultimately makes sense. 

In January of 2019, TikTok launched in-app ad campaigns for Grubhub. This was the first time many users saw ads. Aside from flash ad campaigns, many brands have tried to run hashtag challenges to market and hype up their brand.

In the past couple weeks, fashion brands have jumped on board.  Calvin Klein and Burberry have all decided to take that leap into the testing waters. With content on the rise, Calvin Klein and Burberry both are decorated with that special blue checkmark badge. 

Burberry leads with 21.3K followers right now and 224.8K hearts. Calvin Klein, trying to catch up has produced more content than Burberry. Realistically thinking, why would Burberry have a greater number of followers and hearts with only two published videos? 

Burberry launched a new social media marketing campaign to celebrate the launch of The Monogram Collection. Teaming up with superstar and model, Gigi Hadid, Burberry has created a new hashtag challenge that gets TikTok users involved. The #TBChallenge has a growing 59 million views on TikTok. The whole digital campaign brings users together to form Thomas Burberry’s initials in a creative way. Celebrating the art of monogramming, Burberry is rallying up the TikTok community and is possibly revolutionizing the fashion marketing field as we know it. 

Keep an eye out for the next fashion brand that jumps on board. Who do you think it will be? My votes on Supreme. 

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