The Beatles are Coming! The Beatles are Coming!

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You walk into Urban Outfitters and you see three basic band tee’s, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. Half the time those who buy these shirts do not even know 2 songs that the band sings, they just like the name, the look, and yup just the name and the look. That is all folks.

That aside, lately, I feel like the Beatles have just been taking over pop culture. With the release of Yesterday making over 6 million dollars opening night and its whopping 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (we won’t talk about the critics score or my own lol), everyone is now hopping on this yellow submarine of a bandwagon. I kid you not, I was in Target and not one, not two, but THREE Beatles’ songs played in a row.  Crazy.

So for all the people who did not know how catchy some of their songs were, they are obsessing over the movie and the soundtrack, just like many did in the 70’s. So say goodbye to the once ‘hipster’ band tee, because The Beatles Band Tee’s are now sold at Walmart.

It is so fascinating to see how a piece of pop culture can effect all different aspects of our lives. From the soundtrack on repeat to selling Beatles merchandise in grocery stores, many businesses monopolize on these different trends within pop culture. 

It has even taken the high fashion industry by storm. Designer, Stella McCartney launched a Beatles inspired collection titled “All Together Now“. This unique collection mixes in edgy streetwear with bright colors, patterns, and patchwork much like the clothing of the 70’s. 

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Stella McCartney, English fashion designer, is the daughter of former Beatle legend, Paul McCartney. Inspired by The Beatles film, “Yellow Submarine” celebrating its 50th anniversary, this line hopes to “connect and bring people together” said Stella.

Paying tribute to her father, the other talented members of the band, and emerging artists, the legend of The Beatles still lives on, now and forever. You can shop her collection HERE!

As The Beatles trend comes and goes, we can look back and really analyze how everything is sort of a domino effect. Once one thing hits the population, then little things continue to follow. I wonder if another biopic will come out soon and fuel another mass production of classic band merchandise. My guesses are on The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, or Journey.

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