Still Not Over, Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee boots took the fashion scene by storm in 2015. Since then people are still wearing them. With these ‘never going out of style’ (que the t-swift song) boots, I decided to show my love for them as well.

It took a while in order for me to find over the knee boots that were comfortable and actually stayed up on thighs. My hunt was over when I stumbled on Charles David. A brand with the perfect heel height for my 5’8 self and a bow to tie that will help them actually stay up on my thighs.



As far as styling, over the knee boots can completely make an outfit. Whether it is over tights for a dress or your favorite skinny jeans, these boots add attention to your outfit. Pictured below is two different styles with my Charles David.

Dressing down with denim. With the most comfortable pair of skinny jeans I own, I paired it with a vintage style Puma jackets and a corset top. Sporty and comfy is always my go too but these boots add just the extra chic I need!



Dressing it up. Throwing on the comfiest plaid dress by Beach Lunch and Lounge I can slip over my boots and BAM it is like I look this fabulous every day! (Just kidding of course) I swear though as soon as I slip on the over the knee boots it totally transforms your outfit!



Shop my looks below!

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Photos by: @w.atsername

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