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Right off the bat, let me tell you I never used to wear watches. I thought they were a complete waste of time (pun highly noted). Why own a timepiece when I still check my phone constantly?!

This watch company completely changed my perspective.

Mistura watches are described handcrafted to be a piece of wearable art. Let me share a little bit about how these watches are unique and stand out from any other watch brand.

Materials: Mistura timepieces are watches crafted from sustainable wood. These organic watches are made out of recycled wood from Columbia and Brazil. Most of the wood is Teak. This special type of wood is the same that is used to make boats. Therefore, these watches are super durable and resistant. The glass on the face is Mineral Crystal Glass which is professionally used to avoid scratches and cracks. The one pictured has real flower petals from Santa Elena Columbia that are pressed and coated with copper leaf so they keep their beauty forever.

Craftsmanship: Each timepiece takes 85 hours to create!! Mistura means mixture in Portuguese. The designers mix together their passion for art, nature, and design. These green luxury pieces truly are crafted out of love. On the watch pictured speficially, each face is different than the next. This correlates with the idea how no two flowers or pieces of wood are the same. So there you have it, a timepiece that is one of a kind and uniquely yours.

These watches make amazing gifts as well as a great addition to any big or small watch collection!

If you are interested in any of the watches from Mistura, make you sure you use code “FDM005” for super special discount! 

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