Move In: Tis the Season for Stress

I am not afraid to admit that moving in or out of a place is something that causes me so much anxiety. I think it is just the idea of picking everything up and moving it (quite literally), that just makes me on edge.

Well if you couldn’t have guessed it already, this past weekend I moved into a new apartment. The place was absolutely amazing when we visited it before signing for it. However, I felt like Shelley Long in The Money Pit when things started to go badly one after another.

Walking into the place, it was a disaster. Surface level it looked okay, but as soon as you opened the cabinets there was food, mold, and who knows what else just clinging on to the sides of everything. My mom assured me to take a deep breath, but let’s be honest, when someone says take a deep breath when you are overwhelmed, you do the complete opposite.

I have spent now the last three days, with the gracious help of others, cleaning and scrubbing the place. I have never used so many disinfecting wipes in my life. Thank you to the prior residents for leaving everything a mess but four packs of Costco disinfecting wipes behind. As I stood in the kitchen with the grease trap gushing out from the cabinet all over my feet, I finally realized that it was time to just leave. Sometimes it is just better to walk away. Wiping the grease off the tile, we left and got a hot dog (or two…okay three).

Now, a couple days in the place and after a professional cleaning service was here for seven hours, the place is shaping up. Sometimes, things in life just test you and this was one of them. One of the biggest takeaways from this experience was to just take a deep breath and walk away. Sitting here, writing my first post finally with internet (that was a whole other mess), I feel a little bit more okay.

Now that my place is clean and I got to finally decorate my space, here is sneak peak! I collaborated with Photage, a photo printing app that allows you to print any photo from your social media.

Lately, I have loved the simplicity of one line drawings. I went with these two adorable prints to hang in my space. The best part about Photage is that you can restick it anywhere. So if you are as indecisive as me, you never actually have to make up your mind. Here is where I put them now, but who knows where they will be next week!

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