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Moms. Mothers. Madres. Whatever you call that figure in your life, they all deserve something special. As Mother’s Day is less than a month away, I was on the search to find something to do as special and extravagant, much like my mom. (Like mother like daughter, right?) My mom always says “every day is kid’s day”. Well even if that is true, at least there is one day set aside for you, right mom!?

            Let me tell you a little bit about my mom. She is everything to me. From my number one fan on the sidelines to the source of my creative side, my mother is indescribable. Every childhood has its imperfections. Somehow, she managed to throw a smile on every day. All moms have countless titles. From a certified MD (mom doctor) to the clown that always cracks those corny jokes, my mom is the humblest master of all.

            Packing up and leaving was one of the hardest things of my life. Originally, I was deciding between California and New York. Chicago did not even touch my radar. However, after taking these adventures to visit the colleges, the time it took to get back and forth was eye opening. That time I was lucky to travel with my mom, but I don’t think I could do it alone just yet. Although I would love to say I’m some independent women, everyone always needs someone else. That someone else is my mom.

            Backtracking to Mother’s Day, I needed to plan something that was heartfelt and just perfect. As a mom, she always said time with you is all I want. That is exactly what a gave her… just with a little extra flare!

            I booked a table at The Drake Hotel’s Palm Court for Afternoon Tea. Let me tell you, I have not been to tea with my mom since the American Girl Doll Store tea experience. I knew she was going to love it.

            I have always been big on surprises. I told her to put on a dress and a pair of heels and pick me up at 1:30.

            Stepping up the blue velvet trimmed stairs, it opened up to an extravagant flower center piece in the middle of Palm Court. We were then showed to our table directly next to the centerpiece. With the floral arrangement sitting on a bed of water, statues of fish smoothly spit water towards the center. With the calming sound of the water, I thought it couldn’t get better than this.

            I thought wrong. As we browsed the endless options of tea to choose from, a live harpist began to play beautiful tunes just a few feet away. Picture this. Water flowing. Breathtaking strings play in the background. And your role model right across the table. What could get better than this?

            At the recommendation of our waiter, we went with a black tea and a white tea. A black tea with a subtle sweet spice and a white tea with fruity and floral undertones.As the tea came out in the cutest of teapots, a tower of light hors d’oeuvres arrived. Descending from savory to sweet, this delicious array of appetizers was nothing but exceptional. When I was little I had this wooden toy kitchen. My mom would make these cucumber and dill sandwiches for me to feed at my make-believe restaurant. Biting into one of the tea sandwiches it immediately transported me back to those times. Sparking up sweet memories, my mom and I sipped our tea (pinkies out of course) and chatted about pretty much everything.

            Since I left home, I have learned the value of time. Although I still talk to my mom every day, something about interacting in person makes the connection so much stronger. It’s funny how when we are little, all we are excited about is the new barbie you are about to tear out of its wrapping. I wish I could pin point the age where I stopped asking for material things and started asking to go and create adventures. The Drake made it such a special adventure to take my mom on. Although my American Girl dolls were not sitting next to me, I had the most amazing human being right across the table.

            Overall, afternoon tea at The Drake was more than I could have ever imagined. You are surrounded by beautiful flowers, the soft flow of water, plucking of harp strings, and an amazing wait staff that is there for anything you may need (even more sandwiches… which I totally took him up on his offer). Definitely the start of a new tradition. Celebrating the most influential being in my life, happy (early) Mother’s Day Mom!  Love you long time!

Stay haute!


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