I Celebrated Taco Tuesday Every Tuesday In March

Fish tacos, steak tacos, taco salad, you name it! Tacos have always been one of those foods that I never really crave but always have a taste for. For the whole month of March, I participated in Taco Tuesday! This newfound holiday, coined by the Lego Movie has quickly made its way into America’s heart. Here is what I did! I went to different taco places all around the Chicagoland area and ate all kinds of tacos. Sometimes even eating tacos for lunch and dinner (no shame). Here are the places I traveled to and my personal review.

Broken English Taco Pub: Located in Lincoln Park this corner restaurant is truly a gem. Opening up to the most colorful and unique decorations, it truly takes you away from the normal hustle and bustle of the city. With bicycles hanging from the wall and bright red booths, the atmosphere is totally worth it. Here is what I ordered…Because every great meal starts with fresh guac, we munched on that as well as some amazing queso. I mean it was hot stringy and cheesy what more do I need to say?! As far as the tacos we ordered the Carne Asada, Camarones, and the Barbacoa. My hands down favorite was the Carne Asada. It was a simple combination but the steak had so much flavor it was incredible!


Flaco’s Tacos
: Right near Dearborn Station in the South Loop, Flaco’s is your colleges student hotspot. On Tuesday they serve a rotating special taco for only $1!! It will soon become my new Tuesday tradition here. For this week I had a chicken taco with a mild salsa, cilantro, and a little bit of lime. Of course, what is a taco without a Jarritos and churro? For not being a huge fan of chicken tacos or actually chicken itself, I thought the taco was good enough to bring me back next Tuesday!


Dos Toros:
Think Chipotle, but better. Dos Toros is a sustainable restaurant meaning the steak I had piled high in my bowl was 1000% natural and humanly raised free of antibiotics and hormones. If that doesn’t make you love this place then this will. All of their utensils (forks, spoons, plates, and napkins) along with their kitchen food waste get composted! Here is what I ordered…. I started with a bowl filled it with lettuce, piled high with steak, salsa, corn, black beans, cheese, sour cream, and last but not least guac. Pro tip: their tortillas are amazing!! Get a couple on the side to stuff up!


A Toda Madre
: Growing up in the suburbs I have always had a thing for cute and small downtown areas. I cannot begin to tell you how OBSESSED I am with Glen Ellyn. Located on the corner of Main Street and Pennsylvania, A Toda Madre is the definition of a “cute taco joint”. Colored bar stools and patterned tiled floor, the atmosphere pulls together greenery, wood, and bright blue hues all together. Since I am not of age yet, I always love when restaurants have special non-alcoholic beverages. As I sipped on a fresh squeezed orange juice with hibiscus, we started munching on their special pear guacamole of the day. A Toda Madre is a great place for groups. Each plate comes with 4 tacos. Being a huge fan of food sharing, we ordered the A Toda Madre, Barbacoa, and Diabla. Let me tell you, the Barbacoa was AMAZING. It is a short rib baked in banana leaves. 10/10 recommend A Toda Madre or their sister restaurant, Quiubo, located in Naperville!



Antique Taco: Traveling to Wicker Park for these tacos was definitely worth it. Right on the main strip of Wicker Park, Antique Taco brings in that backyard farm to table feel with a Mexican twist. The first thing I read on the menu was a HORCHATA MILKSHAKE! Pairing with this spectacular creamy creation, I chose the Crispy Fish, Potato and Poblano, and the Pork Carnitas tacos. My ultimate favorite was the pork taco. The bacon on top was a game changer! Sipping on my Horchata milkshake, I was one happy girl at Antique Taco.



If you know of any other taco places I NEED to try, mention them in the comments below!

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