First Ever Festival Looks

I have this preconceived vision of what a festival is like. After years of going back and forth about attending myself, I finally decided to do it. I mean I am only going to get to older where I will not want to go anymore, so why not do it now?! Last concert I went to I got so annoyed with this group of people standing next to us that we literally left early. I felt like I truly aged ten years in that one night. HOWEVER, I am very excited to announce I will be attending my first ever festival, Lollapalooza!!

Ultimately, my mind goes immediately to what in the heck am I going to wear?! I consulted one of my friends who I am going with who has gone before. She said “There is two types of people at festivals. Those who dress up for Lolla and those who just come to listen to the music”. Instead of deciding what side I wanted to fall in, I decided to fall somewhere right in the middle. So, minus the hair color and excessive amounts of glitter but add the cute clothes and of course my beloved belt bag (will see it featured below).

Let me tell you, usually I do not have such a hard time deciding what to wear. A good hour usually does the trick for me.  However, I have this fear that since I am only packing for Lolla I will not end up liking an outfit one day and will need a backup.

Here is what I styled for my ‘debut’ at Lollapalooza:

I keep looking at the forecast and it says it should be around the 80’s all weekend! I am making sure to bring some light jackets and kimonos that will go with pretty much any look if it gets colder towards the night. The only thing that I could not link below for you guys is that adorable belt bag pictured above. It is from Amazon, you can get it HERE. 
As the days are getting closer and closer, I am getting super excited. I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it! Wish me luck!!
Stay Haute, 

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