Current Obsession: Velvet

Let me tell you… it took some time for me to hop on that velvet trend. At first my thought was “why should I wear something that is going to make me sweat even more?”. Aside from every girl’s issue with sweating in different materials, I have to give it to the velvet trend… it is pretty darn cute.

Little did I know that my first purchase of something velvet would later fuel an obsession…

The first article that I joined the trend with was these rockin’ maroon velvet boots by Unisa. These boots were 100% an impulse buy. Actually, if I am being honest… those boots were added to qualify my purchase for free shipping. However, evidently enough, these boots became a loving staple in my wardrobe.



Moving upwards, I purchased this shirt sleeved top. Still concerned on how my body would react with such a heavy material, I settled on a breezy shirt sleeve that I could either layer or wear all by itself. This black velvet top by Cable and Gauge has become an escalated version of everyone’s favorite black tee in their closet.



You do not need to pay the big bucks to join this trend as well! Shop my look below to see all the amazing deals I found to fit in this season!

Slipping into something a little bit more formal, I decided to try to elevate velvet to make it a tad dressier. With this flattering midi skirt by Free Press, it makes the perfect date night outfit or something to spice up your classic business attire. You know, I find myself in a bit of a rut lately, I look at my closet every morning and I just gravitate towards black. Sometimes color can be too much for me, making me stick out in a crowd like a sore thumb. However, with this navy skirt, I can comfortably wear something that is not black without feeling like I am sticking out.



As I continue to feed my obsession, I will definitely keep you guys updated on my latest finds!!

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Stay Haute,



Photos by: @w.atsername

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