Advantage Serena: Tennis Star and Fashion Icon

Serena Williams
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Let me just start off by saying I am no tennis expert, but if anyone wants to challenge me in Wii Sports Tennis be ready to be destroyed! 

American pro tennis player and holder of the second-most single titles in Women’s Grand Slam Tournaments of all time, Serena Williams, is ultimately the tennis Wonder Women we all love.

Serena in her race to the top has faced several backlashes, not in with her abilities but her appearance. 

August 2019, French Open.Williams struts onto the court wearing an all black Nike Catsuit, looking like a true champion. Stunning the world, but offending French Tennis Federation President Bernard Giudicelli. Later he told Tennis Magazine that there will be a dress code at the French Open moving forward. He believed it was disrespectful to “the game and the place”.

Tennis is looked to be a proper sport with a strict dress code. Showcasing the femininity of the game, tennis skirts are also used as a means of gender stereotypes. 

Williams, refusing to conform, makes another smashing statement one year after the Catsuit controversial ban at this years French Open. 
Unveiling her Nike x Off White outfit, Williams storms the court and immediately stirs up the media. Virgil Abloh, founder go Off-White and Men’s Art Director at Louis Vuitton, was the mastermind behind this getup.

Featuring a matching black and white crop top and tennis skirt, Williams showed up for pictures in a trapeze-back jacket and maxi skirt.  Printed all over the garments was the French words for “Mother, Queen, Goddess, and Champion”. Representing just that, Williams continues to use fashion as a political outlet of self-expression. 

Williams started this political trend with the catsuit due to health precautions. This functional outfit had better circulation, preventing blood clots after a difficult birth Williams went through earlier that year. 

Personally, Serena is hands down the badass of tennis. Like I mentioned above, you do not want to see me play tennis, nor did I ever spark an interest in it. However, when Serena Williams put herself on the map with her fashion, the game changed as we knew it. Transforming tennis from a very confirmative sport to this idea of self-expression is incredibly topical and 

With this years debut, French Queen, Mother, and Champion of the court, Serena Williams, has become a true Fashion Icon and advocate for self-expression on and off the court. 

Catch Serena Williams in the French Open now. Advancing on to the round of 32, this Saturday, June 1st, Williams will be facing American tennis pro, Sofia Kenin. 

Holding on to our seats to see what her outfit says next. 

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