A Twist On Traditions

When I was little, I spent some of my most memorable days with my best friend Sarah. We lived approximately 4 minutes away from each other…that’s how fast our feet could walk back then.  Needless to say, we grew up doing everything together. We met the day before kindergarten at our older siblings’ junior high band concert. Of course, Thompson Junior High had no air conditioning. Being the weirdo I am, I immediately started to fan Sarah with my program to potentially cool her down… like what? Unfortunately, I have not gotten better at first impressions. Sarah, however, saw through my awkwardness and we became inseparable over the years.

In Oswego, IL there is a movie theater, bowling alley, and roller rink. But the catch is, all require one of your parents to drive you until you  finally hit that great age of 16. As we all can relate to the pressure we went through as little kids asking your parents to drive you somewhere, simply finding things to do at home was much more practical.

One of my favorite traditions were weekend campfires. In the backyard, whole bag of marshmallows in my lap, fingers sticking together from trying to get the marshmallow off the stick, and Sarah and I probably singing off key at an unbearable volume was the ultimate evening. So I ask you…what good is a campfire without some s’mores?! My ratio of chocolate to marshmallow was very particular, until Sarah and I started a new tradition by replacing the chocolate with different pieces of candy.  Insert into the equation MY PERSONAL FAVORITE, Reese’s, and what a game changer!  My whole world was turned upside down. Dramatic I know, but I am telling you I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter ANYTHING.

Years went by and many combinations were tried, some were life changing others were just plain meh. Being adventurous souls, we even switched the graham cracker out for a different cookie. Needless to say, that was too risky…even for a couple daredevils like us.

Although she is about a 2 day and 12 hour walk away now, one of our smallest and probably tastiest tradition should still carry on.

As my mouth waters just thinking about those treats. To keep this tradition alive this year, I compiled a recipe list of some of my favorite s’mores recipes with a special holiday twist! When all else fails just add gingerbread, peppermint, or eggnog to anything and BAM! it’s immediately a holiday recipe!

S’mores Lava Cake (Recipe courtesy of Rachel Ray Magazine)

S’mores Pops (Recipe courtesy of Tipjunkie.com)

S’mores Whoopie Pies (Recipe courtesy of Mybakingaddiction.com)

Gingerbread Blondie S’mores Panini (Recipe courtesy of Paninihappy.com)

S’mores Monkey Bread (Recipe courtesy of Lemontressdwelling.com)

Chocolate Peppermint S’mores (Recipe courtesy of Wholebiteblog.com)

Happy eating!!

Stay Haute (and hopefully not hungry!!),



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