10 Benefits of Celebrating Valentine’s day NOT on Valentine’s Day

As soon as the Holiday season is over, red hearts and excessively huge stuffed animals take over the stores.  Valentine’s Day has always been just ehh for me (I usually go all out for Halloween). Like any Hallmark Holiday, prices increase and the pressure is on. This year I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day not on Valentine’s Day. And let me tell you…. Best decision EVER.


Here are 10 Benefits of Celebrating Valentine’s day NOT on Valentine’s Day

Candy on sale
Conversational Hearts, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Truffles, my mouth is watering just thinking about all these treats. Valentine’s Day is the second highest holiday for candy sales. This being said, candy prices sky rocket due to customer demand. However, stores tend to get so much in stock that by the time Valentine’s Day is over, all the excess candy goes on sale! I mean who doesn’t love clearance candy!?


Easy to make reservations
Nowadays, reservations need to be made weeks in advance to reserve a table at any of the nicer restaurants. These are especially crucial on Valentine’s Day. Many places have been known to give away your table after a certain grace period if your running late. When you go on any other day, you have no problem! Tables are open and the two of you can finally go to that steakhouse that is always booked on Valentine’s Day.


Change of atmosphere
Restaurants are crazy busy. With every table filled, extra wait staff to accommodate the large crowds, and excited patrons for their big Valentine’s Day dinner the restaurant can be quite loud. By going not on February 14th, the atmosphere drastically changes.  A quieter restaurant quieter becomes a more personal and intimate ambience for you and your special someone.


Flower prices drops
We all love flowers on Valentine’s Day! My boyfriend insists that my favorite flower is paninis…obviously it is really peonies. Unfortunately, my personal favorite is hard to find in the winter. What you can find are roses.  Bouquets that range from $25 to $65 dollars a dozen.  As soon as this rose obsessed holiday passes, stores drop down their prices to clear out any over stock.  This leaves no excuse for your special someone to pick up a bouquet for you on your post Valentine’s Day celebration!


Easier travel
Living in the city, streets are already crowded. From taxis to buses and now all these Ubers, the streets are flooded with all cars.  On Valentine’s Day, it gets ten times worse. Even the sidewalks are crowded with couples holding hands forming a walking wall. Have the sidewalks to yourself and don’t wait 15 minutes for an Uber!


Don’t have to worry what day of the week it falls on. 
Valentine’s Day fell on a Wednesday this year. Smack dab in the middle of the week…oy! With celebrating on a different day, it allows you to pick that Friday or Saturday night. You can even celebrate for the whole weekend! The options are endless!


Matching up work schedules is easier
When you aren’t working that typical 9-5 job, matching up work schedules can be difficult. Instead of trying to request off the most sought out date night of the calendar year, you can request a couple days later!


Easy search for a babysitter
Although this doesn’t apply to me just yet, I know that growing up I was asked from 3 different families to babysit on Valentine’s Day. Finding a babysitter that a family is comfortable leaving their young children with is already stressful. Mixing in the fact that it is Valentine’s Day, makes it about 100 times harder. Celebrating a couple days or even a week later can take the stress off of finding a sitter.


No expectations!
We have all had those holidays that don’t quite meet our expectations. Trust me I get very upset when things don’t go the way I pictured them too in my head…I know I am not the only one! Without all the pressure of Valentine’s Day, there is no pressure at all! No pressure = no expectations! Ditch the stressful “I need to make sure my Valentine’s day is one to remember” because I am pretty sure whenever I have ever had that mind set, it has gone the complete opposite way.


It is a Hallmark holiday anyways.
Valentine’s Day is celebrated and shared with everyone. Do you want to be a part of that everyone, or do you want something that is specific to just you and your lover? Make your own day, one that is specific in celebrating you and your significant other’s relationship. By creating this personal holiday, it also creates a special thing between the two of you.  Something special tailored to you…beat that Hallmark!

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